The UCECP emphasizes character development, promotes care and concern for others, and works to instill a sense of respect and gratitude for the blessings in our children’s lives. There is no direct religious curriculum at the UCECP. We embrace families of all faiths and welcome all to share their religious traditions.


UCECP is proud to provide a NEW and innovative approach to sharing timely, visual observations with families. Parents see what and how their child is learning as it is happening!

Families of UCECP receive weekly photos and anecdotal notes of their children’s learning, sent directly to their e-mail address. Your child’s participation and growth will be seen like never before!


“I could not be more pleased with his teachers and their ATTENTIVENESS TO CHILDRENCOMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS and, most importantly, their ABILITY TO ENGAGE THIS YOUNG AGE GROUP! I absolutely love their “hands-on” approach to making learning and discovering fun“ – Carly M



The UCECP’s mission is to inspire a love of learning by nurturing respect and compassion, challenging children to think deeply and purposefully, and motivating children to work toward a better world.


See what our parents have to say about UCECP. As the oldest preschool in Hinsdale we pride ourselves in generations of amazing memories and relationships made. See for yourself what parents are saying now and years later about their UCECP experience.