UCECP What Sets Us Apart


The Test of Time – The UCECP has been nurturing children in  Early Childhood Education since 1955.

Licensed by the Department of Children and Family  Services We are a state licensed facility. We follow and exceed  the guidelines mandated by the state of Illinois in regard to safety, environment, health standards and staffing requirements.

The UCECP Offers a Wide Variety of Programming – We offer programs for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age, making the UCECP a place where your child can grow and develop while building meaningful relationships.

Curriculum Aligned With the Common Core Standards  Curriculum for all of our programs is aligned with the Nationwide Common Core Standards. We’ve paralleled our curriculum with Hinsdale District 181’s Kindergarten curriculum to ensure our  programming provides a strong academic foundation. By using the  Work Sampling assessment system, we ensure that your child is adequately prepared for their next year of schooling.

UCECP Parent Committee and Governing Board– Any parent with a child enrolled at UCECP may become a member of the Parent Committee. This committee helps plan activities throughout the year, serves as a liaison between teachers and parents, and helps with fundraising efforts for the scholarship fund and classroom enhancements.

Play-Based Philosophy – Our school offers a perfect balance between progressive and traditional teaching methods. We believe in a play-based and engaging curriculum with academic accountability.

Using both group and individual approaches, we encourage children to experiment, explore, interact, observe and manipulate materials in their environment. We are committed to providing meaningful opportunities to all children, to enhance the development of the “whole child.” Our ultimate goal is to provide the means by which our students will become enthusiastic learners.

UCECP Faculty — Leaders in the Field of Early  Childhood Education Our director supports the faculty and families of the program, and oversees curriculum, instruction, and parish/community involvement. The faculty of the UCECP is comprised of highly educated teachers who exceed the DCFS standards for education. Our faculty stays abreast of research findings in early childhood by attending professional development courses throughout the year. This commitment allows us to apply the latest brain research and cutting edge practice to inspire, refresh and renew our methods.

The UCECP has offered professional development programs to educators across Illinois and faculty members have served as consultants to assist schools in curriculum development. Our faculty proudly develops and presents their work at various early childhood conferences both at the local and national levels. This level of commitment and loyalty is what sets the UCECP faculty apart from other programs.

UCECP, A Mission Of Union Church – The UCECP operates within the Union Church’s modern education wing and fulfills one of the church’s many missions. The Union Church community embraces the UCECP’s commitment to fostering the development of both child and family.