UCECP Mother Toddler


OFFERED: Monday OR  Tuesday   9:00 — 10:30

This program provides a shared experience for mother and toddler and a chance for each to interact with their own peer groups. The toddler is introduced to a classroom setting while interacting with his/her mother during the first few weeks of the program. Gradually, with the mother’s and teacher’s encouragement, the toddler will separate from his/her mother for a portion of the class time. The mothers will then meet with a facilitator for weekly discussions on topics such as parenting techniques, behavioral issues, health and family. Many women have formed lasting friendships through this program, and the toddlers will meet children that they may attend school with for years to come.


This program focuses on the following goals:

• To provide a loving, caring environment that builds trust through connections and on-going communication with the child and
their family    

• To create an atmosphere where  children are provided with an environment that encourages them to become curious learners while developing the ability to be part of a classroom community

• To facilitate children’s independence and self-help skills

• To assist in language acquisition and development

• To tap into the collective experience of the adult group to help hone parenting skills through group discussion


Early Learning Lab is available:

• Monday – Friday

Registration AND TUITION

Registration is $120 for the first child and $75 for the second child. This registration fee covers all processing expenses. Fees include a supply charge for consumable items that are used within the classrooms. The registration fee is non-refundable and due at time of registration.

• Tuition is collected a month in advance.

• Members of the Union Church of Hinsdale receive a
10% discount on tuition.


MOTHER TODDLER: 1 day per week  9:00 – 10:30

(minimum age: 15 months by September 1)

Classes meet:

Mondays OR Tuesday: $155 per month



The Union Church Early Childhood Program is licensed by the State of Illinois. We follow the teacher-to-child ratio mandated by the state.

The Mother Toddler program has two teachers for every 10 children. This ratio meets the requirements established by the state and provides your child with the best learning experience.

Teacher Credentials and Background

Marta Quist – Marta joined the Mother Toddler team during the 2013-2014 school year as the Facilitator. “I believe in women/moms sharing their stories and challenges with one another. It is an educational opportunity as well as a self-reflective exercise.”

Gayle Bueser – Gayle has been with the UCECP since 1995. She has a Child Care Associate’s degree from Morianne Valley. Ms. Gayle has spent several years working with toddlers at the UCECP and her knowledge in the phases of development help support her work with toddlers. “It is amazing to watch the children grow and develop from room to room. There are also some wonderful friendships built here for the children as well as the families.”

Desiree Gurrola – Ms. Gurrola joined UCECP in 2014. She has nearly thirty years of experience raising her own children, providing daycare from home as well as being an active parent with many school programs. “Working my various positions at UCECP comes with different rewards everyday —whether it’s with our amazing teachers, the parents, or the wonderful inquisitive children — they make my heart smile!”

Heather Gordon – Ms. Gordon joined the UCECP staff in 2015. She holds dual degrees in Elementary and Special Education from Vanderbilt University. In addition to teaching Early Childhood Special Ed in both Texas and Illinois, Heather worked as a Developmental Therapist for Early Intervention at Aspire Children’s Services. “I enjoy celebrating the many milestones children reach as they develop and grow. Helping families connect with their children during these stages and appreciate the many facets of their children’s learning is rewarding.”