UCECP Mother Child


OFFERED: Wednesday OR Friday 9:00 — 11:00

This program is extraordinary in its long and strong history of providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience for both mother and child. The children’s growth areas include thoughtful separation from mother, social interaction, awareness of others, conflict resolution and early language development. While the children are engaged in the classroom activities, the mothers are meeting in their own space with an experienced group facilitator. The group discuss topics that hone their parenting skills, help them balance self with mothering and contribute to their awareness that they are not alone. The role of mother can be an isolating one — Mother Child has successfully reduced that isolation for hundreds of women over more than three decades.


This program focuses on the following goals:

  • To provide a loving, caring environment that builds trust through connections and on-going communication with the child and their family
  • To create an atmosphere where children are provided with an environment that encourages them to become curious learners while developing the ability to be part of a classroom community
  • To facilitate children’s independence and self-help skills
  • To facilitate children’s ability to form positive relationships with peers
  • To provide on-going, engaging opportunities for early language development
  • To tap into the collective experience of the adult group to help hone parenting skills to create a network of support through group discussion


Based upon the varied needs of your child and family, we offer an option to extend and enrich the day for your child. This program is for your child only and includes lunch with friends, story time, nature walk and a specific focus.


• Extending your child’s day until 2:00 available: Tuesday – Friday


Registration is $120 for the first child and $75 for the second child. This registration fee covers all processing expenses. Fees include a supply charge for consumable items that are used within the classrooms. The registration fee is non-refundable and due at time of registration.

• Tuition is collected a month in advance.
• Members of the Union Church of Hinsdale receive a

10% discount on tuition.



The Union Church Early Childhood Program is licensed by the State of Illinois. We follow the teacher-to-child ratio mandated by the state.

The Mother Child program has two teachers for 11 children. This ratio meets the requirements established by the state and provides your child with the best learning experience.


Barb Kite – Barb was first introduced to the program as a parent. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Western Illinois University. Barb has taught for many years, including several years teaching Mother Child classes for park districts. She enjoys interacting with the children as they make new discoveries, create with art materials, sing together and interact with their peers.

Beth Bozeman – Beth joined the ECP in 2002 and has taught in the Mother Toddler, Mother Child and Three’s Preschool programs and currently serves the UCECP as the Mother Child Facilitator. “It is an honor to work with the UCECP. My life is enriched by the time spent with the families here.”

Micki Slezak – Micki has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught a variety of programs and classes in elementary education, early childhood, and special education. However, the heart of her teaching career has been here—at UCECP! She was first introduced to the programs as a parent and has been teaching at UCECP for more than 20 years. “Working with terrific twos and their marvelous moms is energizing and engaging. Not only are the children always learning and developing, but so am I. I loved the programs as a parent and I love them even more as a professional.”

1 day per week 9:00 – 11:00 (minimum age: 2 years old by September 30)

Classes meet:
Wednesday OR Friday: $175 per month*
*(children enrolled in our 2’s Preschool receive a significant discount)

Additional Enhancements include:

• EXTENDED DAY: extending your child’s day until 2:00
Wednesday: $100 per day per month
Friday: $100 per day per month